Tier 1 Clients: 50 Job Application Submissions (1 Month Delivery Service)

Tier 1 Clients: 50 Job Application Submissions (1 Month Delivery Service)

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Applications are becoming lengthier, desired positions require additional skill sets and finding the time and effort just seems agonizing

After a long draining day, finding and applying to available positions tends to be the last thing to come to your mind. Work hours are increasing, decreasing the time for your own self-development. So OS Professional Portfolios has come up with a solution.

Want to give yourself some free-time back? Why not give OS Professional Portfolios the chance to do this miserable task for you?

OS Professional Portfolios has chosen to deliver this service to you to help your career development. Not only we'll we give you that free-time back, our application submission process is easier then you think.

The Job Submissions package includes the below services;

Client Provides:
Cover Letter
Current and Prior Position Accomplishments
Desired Career Path

Service Includes:
Application Submissions
Position Retrieval and Research
Google Spreadsheet including Job Application Descriptions and Job Application Login Info. 

What's the process?

  1. Purchase your product/s.
  2. We will send you a response email to your purchase notification.
  3. Fill in the OS Professional Portfolios requested information form (We'll generate and send you a link for your custom Google Doc form). 
  4. Once all information and documents are received we'll send you an expected delivery date for your product/s.
  5. Receive your product/s and give us your feedback and we'll update if desired. 
  6. Nail a new position! 

To get a guaranteed callback,  purchase your services today!

OS Professional Portfolios has a success rate of 95%!

Any questions? Email Sophia.Ottey@OSProfessionalPortfolios.com

Active AAAO member? Email Sophia.Ottey@OSProfessionalPortfolios.com

* Tier 1 Client services provides products within 1 month.

* No Refunds