Tier 1: 30-Min Evaluation Consultation Call

Tier 1: 30-Min Evaluation Consultation Call

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Ever just need a second opinion?

Receive a step-by-step 30-minute call from us, giving you the pros and cons of your professional portfolios documents.

 What's the process?

  1. Purchase your product/s.
  2. We will send you a response email to your purchase notification.
  3. Fill in the OS Professional Portfolios requested information form (We'll generate and send you a link for your custom Google Doc form). 
  4. Once all information received we'll send you a scheduled phone consultation call. 
  5. Nail a new position! 

To get a guaranteed callback,  purchase your services today!

OS Professional Portfolios has a success rate of 95%!

Any questions? Email Sophia.Ottey@OSProfessionalPortfolios.com

Active AAAO member? Email Sophia.Ottey@OSProfessionalPortfolios.com

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